The Good Boys

More Ed Sullivan than MTV, The Good Boys celebrate a time when a band dressed in suit jackets and neckties could turn a room of well-behaved teenagers into a frenzy of dancing and screaming super-fans.

Nostalgia, an obvious influence on the band’s beginnings, marks more than a fondness for the era of A Hard Day’s Night and Pet Sounds. Beginning in early 2013, Andrew Basso, Paul Marc Rousseau, and Daniel Tremblay (all formerly of I Am Committing A Sin) resumed an all too long hiatus of collaborative songwriting. With a breadth of individual talents and proficiencies, The Good Boys offer a dynamism well suited to rock and roll. Though these voices, distinct as they are, offer something more in the collective, and frequently blend in well-constructed harmony.

With lyrics simple in sentiment if complicated by an unavoidable cheekiness, these songs both are smart and funny—always catchy—and harken back to a time when every member of the audience was on their feet, showing their adoration for the band by wearing the soles of their saddle shoes thin.

Since recording their first tracks between engagements, the Boys have signed with Culvert Music and are gearing up to record and release their first single in 2014.

Feature Tracks