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An indie music label with full-service benefits & a focus on development. Culvert works with both rising independent artists poised to break into the major scene as well as established artists seeking out some extra support.


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Dirty Laundry

Working with incredible people like Boi-1da, Vinylz, Nathan “Happy” Perez (Multi-Platinum and Grammy-Nominated super-producer), or August Rigo ego is laid aside, allowing both the natural intuition to be our guide and the inspiration to shine through. These moments have led to my upcoming debut EP release “Dirty Laundry”, a tale of dealing with and overcoming personal struggle that I believe are relatable to all people. To sum it up, Music is so challenging that I feel any project I do will only be a reflection of the state of “becoming” that I feel I will always be in. I can only hope that people connect with both the lyrics and the sounds.


AA Wallace @Rivoli

/ Wednesday 16 November 2016


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